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GreedFall is almost everything I want out of a big, juicy, old-school RPG. While it’s still lacking a lot of polish, the exciting combat and excellent, complex quest writing bring it very close to that winning formula of a mid-2000s BioWare game – something the developer, Spiders, has previously aimed for but missed with its last couple of releases (and BioWare itself hasn’t shown much interest in lately). GreedFall’s sprawling adventure finally seems to have landed on the right foot, and it’s worth the wait.

Comparisons to The Witcher series and Dragon Age: Origins are easy to make as you travel across the wild, semi-open environments for a 60-hour campaign. Spiders has always been great at worldbuilding, and the Age of Discovery-inspired fantasy setting GreedFall throws you into doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Starting out in the moody, muddy streets of the city of Serene that evoke Paris or London in the 1700s, you set sail for the mysterious, volcanic island of Teer Fradee. These places serve as the backdrop for a many-layered, morally complex tale about colonization, religion, politics, and worlds colliding that had me taking steel and gunpowder to all manner of foes, human and mythical, while uncovering a compelling mystery with plenty of surprises in store.

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